IntroducingThe Jameson First Shot Weekender

A weekend event in Los Angeles celebrating the craft of filmmaking including filmmaker workshops, panels and Q&A’s with industry insiders and experts from the world of film. 29th & 30th July 2016

About The Jameson First Shot Weekender

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but it turns out there is such thing as a free festival for aspiring filmmakers. The Jameson First Shot Weekender takes place in Los Angeles, California on July 29th & 30th.

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Friday JULY 29th, 2016. Hudson Loft, Downtown LA

The first day is a crash course in all things filmmaking, led by some of the film industries brightest talents. Friday morning will see a limited number of attendees roll up their sleeves and get involved in a number of hands-on workshops.

Daytime Workshop Groups

The daytime workshop groups will be split up as follows:


Load it, shoot it, hand-process it, and project it!

3hr workshop with 1hr break for lunch

2. Comedy & Straight 8

Take part in a comedy tutorial, then use those skills making a digital in-camera 'straight 8' comedy film - and show it.

3hr workshop with 1hr break for lunch

3. Music, It’s Half The Picture with Audio Network

Play with the power that sound has on film, dubbing over and re-scoring film clips.

1.5hr workshop (before lunch)

4. Special Make-Up Tutorial with Maryann Yee

We're gonna CUT you......into shape! Our experts will teach you how to give your homemade films a realistic edge with the magic of makeup effects. Have a bloody good time doing your own cuts and bruises. We'll show you tricks and home remedies on how to save money and sell that kill scene!

1.5hr workshop (after lunch)

**The same group will attend workshops 3 and 4

Afternoon Session

The second half of the day will be attended by a larger group, who will be able to pick the brain of film industry insiders through a packed schedule of master classes, panel discussions and Q+A sessions. The afternoon schedule won’t guarantee a future Oscar win, but it certainly won’t harm your chances. If you think we’re being vague on details, you’re not wrong. We have to keep a few surprises up our sleeve.

Saturday JULY 30th, 2016. Paramount Studios, Hollywood

The second day will be centred around the premiere of the three Jameson First Shot films. Cameron, Kat and Jason will hit the green carpet before screening their short films for the first time. Kevin Spacey, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dana Brunetti, Trigger Street, and the whole production crew will be there to support and cheer them on. Now, while this event is not open for registration – we couldn’t find a screen big enough – we’ve saved some of you a seat, as those attending Friday’s event will have the chance to win tickets to the Jameson First Shot Film Premiere.

To find out a bit more about Cameron, Kat and Jason, take a look here.

whet your appetite by watching clips of last year’s event

Please note you must be over the age of 21 to attend the event and able to travel to Los Angeles, California.


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